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Underground USA
Okay, Maybe a Plantain Republic

Okay, Maybe a Plantain Republic

It was very public; vert overt. Pro-administration agents swooped in, searched, and detained prominent members of the opposition – politicians and society leaders – on questionable charges of “subversion” in the hope of eliminating competition in the upcoming elections. Of course, I am speaking of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.

I suppose I could excuse your confusing that opening paragraph with the events surrounding the banana-republic-styled raid on former-President Donald Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida. After all, it looked a lot like a secret-police operation, ordered by those in power, against a political opponent.

It doesn’t take a transgender associate professor of sub-Saharan LGBTQ+ metaverse studies to see that the radical Left in the United States – and by that I mean to say the controlling interest in the Democrat Party – continues to have the long knives out for Donald Trump, otherwise known as the wrench in the bureaucratic Deep State machine...


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Underground USA
Underground USA
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