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Why Our Self-Imposed High Gas Prices Are A Direct Threat To The People

Why Our Self-Imposed High Gas Prices Are A Direct Threat To The People

Today the national average for gasoline hit $5 per gallon, translating to $65–$80 a fill-up for the average car. If you still need to be convinced that the pain you are feeling at the gas pump isn’t self-inflicted, courtesy of the Green Movement and the Biden administration’s policies, then it is obvious you haven’t thought beyond the ideological angle.

These high fuel prices – gasoline and diesel – affect much more than just our personal finances. From food to public safety to our ability to get to work and congregate in opposition to governmental policies, these ideologically-based, self-inflicted financial wounds are not only a direct threat to the US economy but also a direct threat to each and every one of us...


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