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Time To Castrate The United Nations

Time To Castrate The United Nations

Thanks for downloading and listening. Before we get into this Monday's edition of America's Third Watch – in which we debate the reality of Bidenomics and talk about the crimes committed by Hamas against the Israeli people, I wanted to point you toward the lead story over at UndergroundUSA.com titled, Not Just No But Hell No!

It has to do with an initiative the United Nations is pushing upon the world – through its woke and globalist entities – that wants to take control of the definition of Free Speech; what you're allowed to say, what hate speech is, what you're not allowed to say.

This is antithetical to a free world of sovereign nations. This is something you're going to have to write your Senators and Representatives about complaining loudly that the UN not only is a useless agency but is an organization that should be dismantled.

[The UN] has no say whatsoever within the United States. We are a sovereign nation. We do not kneel to the United Nations.

Free Speech is under attack. We all have to defend it. If Free Speech goes everything else follows.

Then, we come back, Monday’s segment on America's Third Watch…

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