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This Activist Principal Actually Deserves The January 6th Treatment

This Activist Principal Actually Deserves The January 6th Treatment

Before we get into this episode of The Captain's America: Third Watch, with Kyle Warren sitting in for Matt Bruce, I wanted to touch on two things that we didn't get to talk about too much.

The first one was Gavin Newsom's appointment of Laphonza Butler, the director of Emily's List, to fill in for Dianne Feinstein's vacant seat on her passing. It's very good to see that Mr. Newsom, surviving a recall for being so incredibly partisan, has chosen someone who is even more partisan than he to fill the seat; to represent all of the people from California. Last I looked California wasn't all Democrats, or all Progressives, or all insane, Leftist, neo-fascists. There were some Republicans there.

So, the leader of Emily's List, one of the most radical groups in politics today, to fill that seat? Why what a great choice Gavin! You'd be a great president! Not

And now on to the next absurdity, and we hit on this a little bit right at the beginning of the program, but the idea that you can mistake a fire department pull box for a doorknob is something that is beyond anybody's comprehension. A third grader knows what a fire alarm pull box looks like.

To have a sitting member of Congress try to pretend that he didn't know that the big red pull station – that says “FIRE: Pull in Case of Emergency” – for him to think that the emergency pull station opens a locked door? That's ridiculous!

And then when you compound into this that he was (or he claims to have been) a high school principal and he doesn't know what a fire department pull box is? If you believe this then you are the problem in our country today because it's an absurd statement.


And then Alexandria Casio Cortez (say that in the voice of Sebastian Gorka) to try to defend this? It all just illustrates how incredibly stupid they believe you are! They don't care about representing you. They don't care about serving the people. They only care about pushing their agenda through and they think you are stupid.

So how can they have any fidelity to what the Framers wanted when they constructed a system of government that is predicated on compromise?

Win at all cost is Alinsky bullshit and that's what was ushered onto us with Alinsky and his chief disciple, Hillary Clinton. When they start floating her name to replace Joe “The Potato” Biden on the ticket – again – just remember that she's one of the most vicious and partisan politicians that we've seen in politics, probably back to the beginning.

So, fire department pool boxes are red. I want everybody to understand that. And they've got a big “FIRE” across them and “Pull in Case of Emergency.” They're not meant for political emergencies where you're trying to stop a vote from happening.

Bowman should be expelled for this. And AOC should be reprimanded for defending him.

Then, our segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch

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