Underground USA
Underground USA
The Manmade Climate Change Narrative & The Globalization Agenda

The Manmade Climate Change Narrative & The Globalization Agenda

Freedom should reign over the despotism of fascist totalitarianism which, today, comes to us not from a nation state, but from an unelected cartel of uber-wealthy globalists, woke CEOs, and bankers who believe your freedom – our freedom – is nothing more than an obstacle to their acquisition of more power and more wealth.

Today, we cannot trust our own federal government to stand as sentinels of protection to our freedoms because they are the enemies inside the gate. The Biden administration and the whole of the fascist Left that has hijacked the Democrat Party are all-in on the globalist agenda and the ceding of Americanism and American sovereignty to a new world order; a centralized global government run by the financial elite...


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Underground USA
Underground USA
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