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Texas Has A Golden Idea

Texas Has A Golden Idea

I’m doing something a little different in this episode. I am going to be talking with Katherine Novikov. She’s the host of the Fires of Freedom podcast – heard everywhere podcasts are heard – and the Executive Director of the Diamond Minds Foundation, a 501c3 focused on helping people – especially our nation’s youth see the world – its governments and organizations; culture and societies, without distortion.

Katherine is part of a grassroots initiative championing a bill that is currently working its way through the Texas Legislature. Texas House Bill 4903 would codify into law the authority for the State of Texas to issue legal tender – in the form of a debit card – based on the gold and silver they hold in that state’s bullion depository.

In this day and age when the US Federal Reserve has grotesquely mismanaged the value of the US dollar, affecting not only our economy here at home but economies around the world, and with many people are looking for alternatives to stabilizing their wealth outside of the Fed’s manipulation (think decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and stable coins based in tangible assets), this initiative making it through the Texas Legislature holds amazing promise.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Katherine, who is a key player in the Texas initiative.

If you want to learn more about Texas House Bill 4903 – which as of this recording has made its way to the Calendar Committee of the Texas Legislature, you can log on to TransactionalGold.com. For those who live in the Great State of Texas, there is a link there from which you can take action.

Just like any grassroots initiative, making contact with elected officials is vital. Emails are great but phone calls are always better. When you do make contact, there are always two things to keep in mind. First, be respectful. No one likes to be talked down to. And second, use the contact as a teachable moment. Briefly present the facts and how it would benefit the politico. When they hear how it benefits them individually, they see the most precious of commodities for politicians. Votes.

For those paying attention – or for those who do the household finances and/or shopping, it has become abundantly clear that we cannot trust the federal government or the Federal Reserve to be good stewards of the value of our money. It is up to us to not only research the best avenues for securing the value of our accrued wealth but to oppose regulatory limitations that the power-hungry of the federal political class would place on our freedoms to travel those avenues.

Texas HB4903. Check it out.

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