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On This President’s Day Our President Tempts Fate?

On This President’s Day Our President Tempts Fate?

As we get into this morning's episode of The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce on this President's Day, our President, regretfully Joe Biden, is over in Ukraine shooting his mouth off about how the United States is going to probably end up giving F-16s to Ukraine further embedding the United States into that conflict to a point where China's now got to be invited to get involved on the Russian side.

We all need to start being very vocal about this issue. What hangs in the balance is a catalyst for global conflict. 

You already have China getting buddy-buddy with the Russians. They have been giving them support in their battle against Ukraine. Now, they're talking about giving lethal support to the Russians in their battle against Ukraine, even as they saber-rattle and do military exercises around the island of Taiwan.

Now you have Joe Biden, over in Ukraine, talking to politicians who – before the invasion – were recognized as the most corrupt government on the planet sans Sudan and maybe Yemen. His actions are tempting China to say, “Okay, let's get involved with this, too!” That's how Global conflicts start. That's how World Wars start.

If we end up in a global conflict because of Ukraine's war with Russia and the world starts taking sides and the missiles start flying; this is going to be a limited nuclear war. This is not going to be a conventional war. This is going to make World War II look like it was kind of not bloody. It's going to happen quickly and it's going to change the world forever.

So, we have to get a hold of our elected officials and tell them that they must claw back the War Powers Act from Joe Biden. He's not capable of being a diplomat on the world stage. He does not know what he's doing when it comes to negotiating with the Russians.

The Russian people have a different mentality all together. You need to study up on that before you take a Western view of how you believe nations on their border should be acting. Biden has not.

I feel for the Ukrainian people. I do. I feel for any people in a war-torn area and there are a lot of them. This is where governments matter and the Ukrainian government is corrupt. So, we had better get some true diplomats involved with this very quickly because it can get out of control just as quickly. The ramifications for getting out of control this time are incredibly bad.

So, on a day when Joe Biden should be here actually defending the “evil White man slave owners” who put this country together only to create the only economic system ever to give the world a Middle Class and explaining to the Woke mobs out there that you can't look at history through 21st Century eyes and demonize later generations for society's that existed in the past, he's over in Ukraine making sure that we are moving and inching ever closer and ever closer to global conflict with nuclear powers and a country that has a 2 million person standing army…who are on a war footing.

Stupid is as stupid does but this kind of stupid can cost the lives of millions.

Then, this morning's segment with Matt Bruce on The Captain's America: Third Watch

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