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No, Pollyanna, It’s Not ‘All Lies’

No, Pollyanna, It’s Not ‘All Lies’


Before we get into this segment of America’s Third Watch, I want to touch on the epidemic of denial that is metastisizing in the United States when it comes to politics. It’s actually quite serious.

It wasn’t too long ago that the uninformed among us – those who opined about politics without knowing the facts on any given matter; those who based their opinions on emotions rather than evidence, truth, and fact – were but a scant few. They were the outliers, the ones you could almost rest assured would find themselves too busy to vote on Election Day.

Those days are gone. Long gone.

With the subverting of truth on almost all social media platforms and the mainstream media complex’s need to whore itself out through those platforms for risk of dying off, truth and fact have given way to emotion, fearmongering, and outright lies for a great many people who do vote.

A case in point. After posting one of my latest pieces, Is The Democrat Party Now The Party Of War, Or Is Biden Wagging The Dog?, on a popular social media platform, one reader responded:

“Lies lies lies is all I see . Biden is a clear winner. No matter he isn't fixing to go to Prison like the Natzi German freedom hater.”

Aside from awful punctuation and grammar – and don’t get me started on the spelling, it is beyond obvious that facts and truth didn’t matter to this commenter. The only thing that mattered was his emotions. Each point made in the piece was notated and sourced from scholarly and well-documented sources, but he either failed to examine the facts or just couldn’t be bothered to consume accurate information that proved him wrong about what he wanted the truth to be.

This is the kind of intellectual ignorance that directly threatens the continuation of our Constitutional Republic. When voters are so fickle that they insist on ignoring the facts in deference to their emotions, it opens the door for manipulators to manipulate, deceive, and capitalize on that deception purely for the acquisition of power and control.

This is the 39% of the electorate that would vote for a fencepost rather than admit that all of the smear and exaggeration the media and political opponents are throwing at Donald Trump are just that: smear and exaggeration. They want Trump to be the villain because their propaganda outlets have drilled that concept into their heads, the facts, evidence, and truth be damned.

We stand at this point in time because the manipulators and opportunistic charlatans of the political class have fed us the wholly disingenuous idea that it is rude to talk about politics or religion with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. It’s not rude, it’s how we understand that we have more in common than in difference, and they hate that. It’s how knowledge gets disseminated.

Engage in productive conversation; in the exchange of thoughts, information, and ideas. That’s how our Republic was born. It wasn’t born because we didn’t discuss politics, and it certainly wasn’t born because we didn’t acknowledge a Natural Law Entity higher than ourselves. Life is ensconced in a constant battle between good and evil, whether the issue is personal or public. When truth, evidence, and fact are rendered irrelevant to the discussion of good and evil, then the Republic is lost, and with the loss of our Republic, freedom is but a word in a history book.

Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues – those you meet socially – about politics and religion. You don’t have to be a raging asshole about it. Be calm, and know what you are talking about by arming yourself with facts and points of evidence. Speak the truth, but don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong. But talk…productively engage with your fellow Americans. It’s how we preserve the Republic.

Then, our segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast nationally from our flagship station WGUL AM860 & FM93.7 in Tampa, Florida.

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