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Dispelling A Myth & Madness

Dispelling A Myth & Madness

Before we get into today's segment on America's Third Watch, I wanted to say something about Columbus Day and all the people who are advancing the false history that Howard Zinn came up with about Christopher Columbus committing genocide against the Native North American Indians.

Christopher Columbus never set foot on North American soil. That's history. He landed in Haiti – Hispaniola beforehand, it’s now called Haiti. He made four voyages to the New World and never made it north of Panama.

When you talk about the slaughter of Native North American Indians you have to start talking about the Spanish and the Portuguese, who were integral in the slave trade.

So, to disparage Christopher Columbus for having had the courage to get onto an ocean, not knowing where he was going, and finding a route to the New World – even if it was in the Caribbean and not North America, it really is slanderous; it's a slap in the face to anybody who understands true history and, quite honestly, it's a slap in the face to Italian Americans because they celebrate him, as well they should.

If you want to start pointing fingers at “greedy” all the way back in 1492, start looking at Queen Isabella, not Christopher Columbus.

Do your research before you jump on a meme bandwagon because if you're espousing that Columbus came to North America and slaughtered Native North American Indians you're speaking an untruth that has been facilitated by people like Howard Zinn and a very jaded and disingenuous education system in the United States.

Then our segment on America's Third Watch

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