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Being Bullied Into Silence Isn't The American Way

Being Bullied Into Silence Isn't The American Way

I’d like to start out by saying happy Veterans Day to everyone who served, thank you for your service. And I want to make some comments about bravery, it doesn't always have to fall onto the shoulders of people who actually go into the battlefield or who are First Responders or are parents, quite honestly.

We need to be brave enough to speak the truth - always, no matter how badly political factions or the media or social media interests want to bully us into remaining silent. I think we're seeing that in the issue that's facing our country - and especially the right side of the aisle - in Donald Trump.

I appreciate what he did for the country for the four years that he was in office. He threw a wrench into the machine and it was badly needed. We needed to expose the game players in the Deep State, in the bureaucracy, in the go along to get along people on both sides of the aisle who just keep expanding government and encroaching on our freedoms. But he's starting to attack his own. He's breaking Reagan's Eleventh Commandment not to speak ill of fellow Republicans.

The second that he took a shot at Ron DeSantis - who is the future of the Republican Party; the future of the conservative movement, he made an amazing mistake. He'll lose Florida if he decides to run, there's no question about that because Floridians - even Democrat Floridians - appreciate Governor DeSantis. But the politics of tearing everyone else down just so you can win is selfish politics and has been played for far too long, especially on the Left side of the aisle but now we're seeing it infect the Right side of the aisle.

There's no room for selfish politics when the name of the game is public service; to serve the people; to serve the Constitution; to serve the country.

Please take a look at the article that is the lead at UndergroundUSA.com today, “Red Wave! Red Wave!...Wait, Never Mind.” It explains where Donald Trump can actually make a positive effect in the upcoming election rather than becoming a detractor and someone who, actually, is a detriment to the conservative movement. That's the moment in time in which he stands.

Is this going to be about revenge politics and his ego, or is it going to be for the good of the country? It's a serious question and we all have to be brave enough to not only answer the question but the contemplate it, examine it, and talk to her friends about it.

Being bullied into silence isn't the American way.

I then get into a discussion about all of this and the Midterm Elections with Matt Bruce on The Captain's America: Third Watch...


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