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You Can’t Toss Someone Off Of A Ballot Without Due Process

You Can’t Toss Someone Off Of A Ballot Without Due Process

Now Maine. The election “authority” in that state, Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, has decided – unilaterally – that Donald Trump should be removed from the federal election ballot in Maine because he is an insurrectionist.

Mind you, in no court, in any state, anywhere in the United States, has a charge of insurrection been leveled against anyone, let alone Donald Trump. So, no insurrection conviction – against anyone – has been registered.

Officially – legally, there has been no insurrection as qualified by the United States Constitution. Therefore, there is no legal (read: legitimate) basis to invoke Section 3 of the 14th Amendment which bars insurrectionists from running for the presidency, among other federal offices.

One can only hope that the US Supreme Court still recognizes the US Constitution as the law of the land and fast-tracks a rebuke of Colorado’s supreme court in their ruling to remove Trump from their state ballots and Ms. Bellows. There is no other interpretation that can be legitimate but to declare that there has been no adjudication of insurrection and thus no due process to affect Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. The actions in Colorado and Maine are unconstitutional and unlawful, and – quite frankly – they all know it.

An interesting note about Bellows. in Maine, voters do not elect the Secretary of State, Attorney General, or Treasurer. Elected majority Democrat Party insiders choose them after deals are made in those smoky back rooms of the State House. As of December 2023, Maine has a Democrat trifecta and a Democrat triplex. Democrats control the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature.

So, as the thinking people among us have suspected all along, these are political moves to deny political opponents the right to run for office. And while societally spoiled assholes like Rob Reiner, Barbara Streisand, George Takei, and Kathy Griffin screech about Trump’s insurrection, that label – as applied by then – is nothing more than wishful thinking on their parts.

Newsflash, each of those ignoramuses – who swore and promised and threatened to leave the United States if Donald Trump won in 2016 failed to keep their word.

The serious point in all of this is the attempt to deny ballot access to political opponents without due process; without any constitutional point of order on which to hang that action. These acts are the actions of Third World dictators and the likes of Mao, Stalin, Xi, and Putin. What comes next from Progressives – who should now be called neo-fascists in the mainstream, assassinations? Exiles?

And before anyone defending these actions starts revving up their Trump derangement, take note that the DNC did exactly the same thing to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. They attempted to hobble his primary candidacy to such an extent that a Kennedy – a Kennedy – has left the Democrat Party. Sheryl Attkisson has a great podcast on just this subject. You can listen here.

The truth is this. The Democrat Party is not the party it was just 30 years. And traditional Democrats exist without a political party. Today’s Democrat Party is an oppressive, abusive, Constitution-hating, fascist brand that wants to see the Republic hobbled, the elites ranked untouchable, and the Middle Class disappeared. Their leadership – globalists, and elitists all – want Lords and Serfs.

Democrats used to pretend they cared about voting rights and free speech. These acts in Colorado and Maine prove the exact opposite and do so to the extent that Kennedys are leaving the Democrat Party.

One question remains. Why aren’t congressional Republicans standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a unified voice aggressively attacking these unconstitutional acts?

Sadly, I think we know the answer to that question.

Coming up, our current segment on America’s Third Watch. I’m Frank Salvato. Don’t go anywhere…

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