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What Virus Do We Get When We Cross Pfizer & Memphis?

What Virus Do We Get When We Cross Pfizer & Memphis?

Before we get to this morning's episode of TalkBack with Chuck Wilder I’d like to take a second and talk about the Memphis issue and specifically the comment that Van Jones made about, “Well, even Black people can be racist against Black people.”

That should demonstrate how exhausted the tired claim of racism actually is. It doesn't matter what the color of the skin was. The victim was Black. All five police officers were Black. This has to do with how we treat one another as human beings and how people interact with police, regardless of their race or the race of the police officers.

We send police officers out every day to clean up the worst of the worst; to keep bad people from hurting good people; to keep people safe. Are there some bad police officers? Yes, there are.

Are there some bad politicians? Absolutely! Are there some bad Black people? Yes. Are there bad White people? Yes. But it doesn't mean that you paint the whole thing as racism.

The tired claim of “Racism! Racism! Racism!” has lost all effect and all meaning and that's because the people who are gleaning notoriety and riches off race-baiting have cried wolf one too many times. Van Jones is one of them. D'Angelo is another. Kendi is another. They're making millions off of claiming racism about everything.

And the elected class? They just want to keep us divided using one more identity label.

So, let's get back to Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy before it's too late. Let's judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. When someone's a bad person they're a bad person and they should have to pay a price. It shouldn't matter the color of their skin. If someone's a good person they're a good person. It doesn't matter the color of their skin. 

But quite honestly, this constant race-baiting has to stop. So, whenever you hear someone using the race card call them out on it. Enough. Enough!

Then, the morning’s segment on TalkBack with Chuck Wilder…

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