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What The Mainstream Media Left Unmentioned on September 11th

What The Mainstream Media Left Unmentioned on September 11th

It remains unclear as to whether the remembrances offered up by the mainstream media complex and the inside-the-beltway crowd were sincere, obligatory, or opportunistic, but one thing is for sure, there was a lot left unmentioned in their memorials.

Where was the mention of the First Responders who survived the attacks only to die later from health complications contracted on the pile at Ground Zero? Where was any mention of the 9/11 anniversary attacks in Benghazi when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton abandoned US assets to die at the hands of ISIS even after they pled for help? Where was the mention of how the Biden administration gifted Islamofascist terror groups Afghanistan to use - again - as a training ground for future attacks against the US and the West?

I talk about this and more with Matt Bruce from The Captain's America: Third Watch and Chuck Wilder from Talkback in this two-part segment...


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