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We Really Have To Confront The Radical Thinking Of The Far-Left

We Really Have To Confront The Radical Thinking Of The Far-Left

As a lead into today’s America’s Third Watch program – in which we discuss at length Chuck Schumer’s shameful but full-throated endorsement of interfering in another sovereign nation’s election, among other things – I wanted to play a clip that illustrates the intense and expansive gulf between the Far-Left and the rest of society.

Sky News host Rita Panahi (if you haven’t watched her segments on the Left I promise you it will be well worth your time) presents a clip of a Far-Leftist rattling off all of the “democracy-killing” and “Hitler-esque” agenda items that Donald Trump will execute once he is re-elected to office, which is looking increasingly likely.

As you listen/watch, keep in mind that this individual believes in “its’” heart of hearts – and I  am using “its” on purpose – that all of these things are bad things; that all of these things are horrible and wrong:

Call me a knuckle-dragging mouth-breather, but I see nothing wrong with any of the points with which “it” is taking issue. Each is mired in common sense and forces individuals to take responsibility for their actions. I especially agree with the point “it“ takes issue about the death penalty for human traffickers.

But the larger point is this.

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A hot topic of conversation among many Americans is that we are facing the greatest divide since the end of the US Civil War and, many fear, we are on the precipice of a second US Civil War. I suggest we have been in a serious and very real culture war for decades.

Have we really arrived at a point in time when the gulf between the Far-Left and the rest of the country finds the Far-Left defending human traffickers and pedophiles? Demanding treasure from the government simply because they exist?

End the Department of Education and re-empower the states to oversee education, as intended? Absolutely! Supporting term limits? Who in their right mind doesn’t? Force NATO members to actually pay their dues? The gall!

You have heard me say this before and I will say it until my dying day, God willing. The only reason we have Far-Left elected officials creating and passing these incredibly inane and societally destructive laws and regulations is that idiots like “it” vote like-minded idiots into office. We wouldn’t have the AOCs or the Adam Schiffs, or the Hank Johnsons – who believes stationing Marines on Guam would, literally, cause the island to tip over – if self-righteous, virtue-signalling, intellectually stunted dolts like “it” didn’t vote for them.

Long ago, the Progressive-Neofascist Left manipulated the American people into believing that conversing about politics and religion with friends and family was impolite; something that shouldn’t be done. In reality, they used this shaming tactic to dupe everyone into refraining from discussing what the political class was doing and through the prohibition on talking about religion, expunged discussion about what is right and what is wrong; morality and ethics from the public square.

In order to counter the incredible influence that the “its” have in the American and international public squares, we must resume having discussions about politics and religion. This doesn’t mean we have to argue about it, but we must begin a civil discussion with all who have the intellectual capability to do so.

Sadly, for many “its” out there, it is too late. But it isn’t too late for the Republic. It’s just not going to be easy.

Then, this morning’s segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast on the Genesis and Salem Broadcasting Networks…

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