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We Need To Be Honest About The Politicization Of Government

We Need To Be Honest About The Politicization Of Government

Recently I penned an article titled, Do We Really Understand The Meaning Of Freedom, in which I laid out several events - recent events - where government, bureaucracy, and special interests have successfully encroached on our freedoms.

Like the frog in the pot that is finally coming to a boil, many Americans not only exist unaware of their dwindling freedom, but have embraced the re-definition of the word and the concept; the definition crafted by the fascist Left in our culture.

The only way to reclaim our freedom - to rightfully reclaim our freedoms; our rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights - is to re-establish the base definition of freedom in every sphere of our lives.

We need to not only embrace the traditional definition of freedom, we need to start electing people to federal office who understand that their core jobs are not to "create laws"; to "legislate", but to represent their constituencies. In many cases, this means reining in government authority so as to protect the rights of the citizenry.

Today, our elected class fails in that duty on every level and in all branches of government.

I talk about this and more with Chuck Wilder on Talkback...

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