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Voting ‘Present' On Condemning Rape & Sexual Assault?

Voting ‘Present' On Condemning Rape & Sexual Assault?

Before we get into the meat of this America's Third Watch segment, I just had to comment on the absolute abdication of humanity exercised by US Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) in her “present” vote addressing Hamas' use of rape and sexual assault as tools of war.

Please understand that Tlaib represents an area of Michigan that is overwhelmingly Islamic and decidedly pro-Palestinian. The majority of the people there saw the genocidal attacks by Hamas on Israel on October 7th in a favorable light. That said, Tlaib represented her constituency in her vote, leading me to my overarching point – more on that in a bit.

But to address the disingenuousness of Tlaib…

The bipartisan resolution, introduced by Rep. Lois Frankel (D-FL), passed in a 418-0 vote with Tlaib voting present. The resolution calls for lawmakers to condemn all sexual violence and rape committed as a form of weapons of war.

While this, like all resolutions, holds little sway in the realm of reality, it does put all those who voted for it on record as abhorring the practices, which multiple sources have documented Hamas has used against Israel citizens and on the hostages they violently acquired on October 7th and in the days afterward.

How could anyone not join in condemning the rape and sexual assault of women in any context?

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In defense of her indefensible vote, Tlaib said she was “disturbed” that the resolution did not address rape or sexual violence allegations made against soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces.

“We all have a responsibility to denounce sexual violence in all forms, regardless of who is responsible,” Tlaib said in an X post. “War crimes cannot justify more war crimes. This resolution falls well short of also acknowledging the sexual abuse of Palestinians.”

The problem with that disingenuous statement? There are no reports of the IDF committing these war crimes. It is a hollow accusation completely devoid of any evidence that any such thing took place. Tlaib is suggesting something that has never happened and trying to cover for her support for Hamas, its terrorism, its antisemitic genocidal mission statement, and its tactics by doing so.

But, as much as I find Tlaib to be reprehensible and a wholly-owned operative of the Islamofascit movement to advance Islam globally, as I said before, she did vote the will of her constituency. Which brings me to my overarching point.

The people responsible for a vote that throws shadows onto whether rape and sexual assault should be considered war crimes are the people who voted for Tlaib and the people who support her continued existence in Congress. It can be argued that Tlaib just had fidelity to her constituency so the people who need to be condemned and ostracized are the people who support and vote for people like Tlaib.

We have gotten into the habit of believing that the central focal point of all the problems in government rests with the elected officials. That’s true to a large extent, but it isn’t the total package. Tlaib, McConnell, Jeffries, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC. But the fact of the matter is this.

The blame for the ideological, political, and special interest activism and the continued fleecing of the American people rests almost exclusively with those who vote for these assholes. If they can’t get elected they can’t facilitate their opportunism. But they do get elected and that takes the votes of people who support them.

As an aside, where the fuck is the #MeToo Movement in voicing support for the aforementioned resolution and voicing condemnation not only for Tlaib but for her supporters? Beuller? Beuller? They are nowhere because their entire movement was fraudulently gratuitous; a joke. Was the cause a good one? Yes, absolutely. But the spotlight-sucker leaders? All self-important, disingenuous, assholes.

As a second aside, and I am including this picture as proof, when posting on Facebook about Tlaib’s “present” vote, I was denied the ability to post on a group in which I am the administrator, Facebook providing the excuse, “A security check is required to proceed.” No post before or since has seen this denial of service.

Gee, I wonder which side of the Hamas v. Israel, Islam v. Freedom issue Facebook lands on…

Then, my current segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast on the Salem and Genesis broadcasting networks.

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