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Voting, Politics & The Cult of Personality

Voting, Politics & The Cult of Personality

I would like to make a little suggestion and that is this. Instead of allowing the mainstream media to project and tell us who's won before all the ballots are counted, maybe we just wait until the ballots are counted to decide who has won the election and who hasn't. The media doesn't decide elections. Voters do.

This idea that we can say who has control of the Senate, who has control of the House when there are still 30 percent of the votes to be counted in places like Nevada, when they're still 10 percent of votes waiting to be counted in Arizona, when there's just 50 percent of the votes counted in a lot of the precincts in California, it seems that we are allowing propagandists - people who have lied to us about so many things in the past - undo power to tell us which way our elections are going to go and we're not relying on an accurate vote count or an accurate voting process.

They didn't tell us the truth about COVID they didn't tell us the truth about the COVID vaccines, they didn't tell us the truth about Russian collusion, they propagandized against President Trump the entire time he was in office, they glorified Barack Obama even though he was probably the most racist president since Woodrow Wilson that we've ever had, so I don't know why we rely so much on the mainstream media to tell us how our elections are projected to turn out.

Let's just wait until the ballots are counted.

And on that note, why don't we make sure we perfect the process instead of expanding it so that we vote 30 days beforehand? People died for our right to vote; they sacrificed their lives on Battlefield so that we could continue to have the right to vote. It is reprehensible to think that it is something of inconvenience for you! Get your ass up and go vote, and you shouldn't need 30 days to do it. If you're not going to be here on Election Day, vote absentee and complete the affidavit to prove who you are!

It’s ridiculous how incredibly lazy we have become when it comes to voting. We should be ashamed of ourselves, especially when people in third world countries who have thrown the chains of despotism off will stand in lines for days to cast their ballots. How incredibly arrogant we've become that we can't get in the line and cast a ballot in the freest country on the face of the planet.

I talk about this and more with Matt Bruce on The Captain's America: Third Watch...


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