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Turning The Page On Ronna McDaniel

Turning The Page On Ronna McDaniel

Before we head into this segment of America’s Third Watch, I wanted to touch on the announcement that Ronna McDaniel is stepping down as the RNC chair after the Super Tuesday primary contests. Quite frankly, the move is overdue.

I’ll preface this by saying that as far as I know, McDaniel is a nice person. For all I know she did the best she could in performing her duties as RNC chair. But the bottom line here is her performance was sub-par and it facilitated the tyrannical reign of the Biden administration: Obama 2.0.

During her time as chair, McDaniel should have retooled the RNC to be a potent, pointed, and even vicious messaging machine. Republicans at the national level should have owned the narrative. Elected Republican members of the Legislative Branch should have been trained in messaging techniques both in front of the microphones and through their staffs.

The RNC should have then turned its eye toward empowering the State GOP leaders with those same messaging techniques and methods. McDaniel should have made it clear to all 50 state leaders that there were goals to be met and that the RNC was there to help them achieve those goals.

And then the focus should have been on the expansion of both the donor base and also the voting base (I won’t castigate McDaniel for her spendthrift ways, but growing a war chest must come before new office furniture purchases). The expansion of the donor and voter bases can only be achieved through messaging and educating the RNC leadership on community organizing – that’s right, taking a page out of the Progressive playbook.

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And lastly, McDaniel failed at the most important role of an RNC chair: winning elections. Too many easy pick-ups at both the state and federal levels fell through the cracks because the RNC embraced the status quo of sucking at messaging. They owned no narratives and, in fact – but for making McConnell-like mumbling statements that bored the electorate to tears – allowed Democrats to demonize any Republican running as an “extremist” or a “MAGA” candidate, never defending the idea that making America great again is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Because the RNC exists in a hobbled state when t comes to messaging and narrative ownership, far-Left assholes like Rob Reiner and George Takei spew lies, hate, and disinformation about Donald Trump that is easily proved wrong. Racist? Please, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson couldn’t get enough of Trump when he was cutting them checks. Islamophobe? Please, his administration was well on its way to achieving a lasting peace in the Middle East before Biden and Blinken fucked that up. Border security? Check. Thriving economy? Check. Mounting homeownership across all demographics? Yup. Record minority new business start-ups? Yes indeed.

Any way you look at it (and now we get to juxtapose the presidential records of Trump and Biden) Trump’s policies were infinitely better for America and the American people under his presidency.

But you wouldn’t know that because the caustic, imbecilic Left owns the narrative. Their demonization gets to stick in the minds of the 13-second attention span voter because the RNC couldn’t message its way out of a wet paper bag with a hole in the bottom.

So, I applaud Ronna McDaniel for having aplomb in her announcement that she would be resigning after Super Tuesday. But I won’t be pining for the good old days when she was the head of the RNC. Her job performance as RNC chair was…well, let’s just nicely say that she wasn’t good and leave it at that.

Then, my current segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast on the Genesis and Salem Broadcasting Networks.

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