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Trump’s Unnecessary Flirtation With Disaster

Trump’s Unnecessary Flirtation With Disaster

Before we get into this morning's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I'd like to comment on Donald Trump's statement attacking Ron DeSantis. Matt and I talked about this in the segment but it bears repeating.

The people of Florida elected Ron DeSantis. Donald Trump did not “get” Ron DeSantis elected as governor of Florida. The idea that Ron DeSantis owes Donald Trump loyalty for anything is a wild stretch of the imagination.

One of the things that Trump is not thinking through here – and this is why I really can't support him going forward unless he turns out to be the nominee for the Republican Party, and then it'll be reluctantly this time – is that he's losing the people of Florida by attacking Florida's governor.

Floridians love Ron DeSantis. As a matter of fact, he's got a great reputation with most of the true constitutional conservatives across the country. 

Donald Trump, should he be the nominee, cannot win without collecting Florida's Electoral College votes. He just can't. There's no pathway to the White House that doesn't include Florida.

He's also ticking off people in Texas. If you lose both Florida and Texas I don't even know why you bother running unless you want to be a disruptor like Ross Perot.

And what did we get when Ross Perot ran? He may have had some good ideas but when you are too egotistical and too stubborn to understand that you are causing more harm than good then you cause that harm! It appears that's what Donald Trump seems to be wanting to do today; to attack his opponents in the primary as he did before when we needed a disruptor. 

But he's destroying the Republican Party because of it!

Now there's a sidecar to this.

I'm not a fan of Ronna McDaniel. That she got re-elected was an inside power play that should tick every rank-and-file Republican off.

So, just like we should be insisting that our state governments claw back power from the federal government so that our state governments are rightfully reinstalled as the most powerful government in our lives – our Framers wanted the states to have more power than the federal government (the federal government was supposed to be a stop-gap) – if you are going to make a contribution to somebody who's running for office in your state, give it to the state party or, better yet, give it directly to the campaign.

In the day of the digital age the federal political party…it's kind of a cash cow for people to have expensive office furniture, if you catch my drift. So, give directly to the candidates you support. There's enough grifting going on.

But as for Donald Trump and his statements, if he keeps attacking Ron DeSantis Ron DeSantis's people have to start attacking Donald Trump. Is that really what he wants? Seeing as how he said we could “suspend the Constitution” for his gain, those are very dangerous, dangerous statements and people who are supporting Donald Trump better start asking themselves, “What is this guy all about if he can say things like this?”

It's disturbing.

Then, this morning's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce…

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