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Time To Purge The Neo-Bolsheviks From Power

Time To Purge The Neo-Bolsheviks From Power

Before we get into this segment of America’s Third Watch, I wanted to reiterate a point we discussed in the segment: Everything that is happening – and all of its consequences – is by design.

Remember during the 2008 General Election when Barack Obama told a crowd, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”?


He wasn’t kidding. Throughout his tenure as president, we saw a multitude of policy executions that divided our country socially while redistributing wealth on an enormous scale.

Through the Trump administration, the Marxists that comprised the Obama team – and I use the word Marxist literally and by definition – developed every opportunity to maintain that social divide and even expand the gulf by using the cult of personality in reverse, creating an unhinged and deranged demographic that seethed hatred for Trump seating that hatred on rumor, innuendo, and unfounded accusations.

The nation's fundamental transformation continued at full throttle into the Obama 2.0 administration, otherwise known disingenuously as the Biden administration.

And what didn’t stop was the demonization of Trump, now a former president, with a vicious execution of unconstitutional lawfare, which continues on even as a majority of Americans hold the actions in contempt.

This is all by design.

The neo-Bolshevik Left in the United States, now in elected office and commonly referred to as the “far-Left,” has always hated the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They started the transformation with the Wilson administration by viewing the Charters as mere suggestions to be manipulated in the pursuit of transformative change. 

From limitations on and the redefining of free speech and Second Amendment Rights to abandoning apportioned taxation and creating rights not amended to the Constitution to openly employing lawfare to affect political persecution, the neo-Bolsheviks are destroying our Constitutional Republic on purpose; by design.

Obama told us what he and his Marxist brethren were going to do, and they have been doing it ever since 2008.

Let me take a moment to define neo-Bolshevism. Neo-Bolshevism is characterized by its advocacy for Marxist-Leninist principles, including centralized state control, revolutionary activism, and establishing a socialist or communist state. Supporters of neo-Bolshevism often view the original Bolsheviks – a faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party that played a significant role in the Russian Revolution of 1917 – as a model for contemporary political movements seeking to implement similar reforms and strategies in their quest for social and economic change. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both have been openly supportive of this political ideology.

The only way we can stop these neo-Bolshevik assholes is to achieve sizable majorities in both Chambers of the Legislative Branch this November so that “Democrats” (in air quotes) can’t stop Trump 2.0 from purging the Deep State bureaucracy of the Marxist elements installed ever since the Clinton administration.

The problem we face is this: Even though a majority of American voters – and even in the swing states – are now trending toward Trump, that trend is not translating to the down-ticket races. Without solid majorities in Congress, the purge necessary to regain fidelity to the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be short-lived and ineffective.

So, it is time to start laying a fair portion of the blame for the mess we are in at the feet of the elitist, opportunistic, neofascist Bolsheviks – and I am using the word Bolshevik literally – who have rubber-stamped Obama’s agenda into reality.

They are executing a Marxist revolution in real-time and have been for the last sixteen years. It’s well past time we took a stand to stop the destruction of our country. The only way to do that is to confront the neo-Bolsheviks in the present and vote the fuckers out in November

Then, our segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast nationally from our flagship station WGUL AM860 & FM93.7 in Tampa, Florida.

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