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This Is Certainly Not A Time To Celebrate

This Is Certainly Not A Time To Celebrate

Before we get into this segment of America’s Third Watch, I need to talk about the hollow feeling I have in the pit of my stomach after watching the first 2024 Presidential Debate. It is certainly not a time to be celebratory and for a few reasons.

First, as I talk about at the beginning of this radio segment, what the world witnessed in the debate, and Biden’s performance was the ultimate act of cruelty at the hands of some of the most despicable people on the planet, the Obama 2.0 puppeteers. They are a selfish, opportunistic gaggle of totalitarians who are obsessed with attaining and maintaining power at all costs. They humiliated this man on the world stage and have been doing so for the entirety of his tenure as president.

Understand this. There will be no meaningful pivot away from the Marxist agenda if this element is not completely purged from government at every level and in every department, agency, and commission.

Secondly, as a close friend pointed out in a comment on social media immediately after the debate, “Democrats don't take a dump without a plan. Everything is about staying in power. They wouldn’t have put pudding head out there without having thought the matter through. They’re up to something…” He couldn’t be more correct.

Unlike Conservatives and Republicans – and to an equal extent Libertarians, the neo-Bolsheviks – or far-Left – of the Democrat Party have been playing the long game of transformation since the turn of the twentieth century. They have been playing the “fundamental transformation” game for over 120 years. And like the oblivious frog in the pot of water that has been slowly increased to a boil, the American people haven’t noticed the unhealthy amount of Marxism that has crept into not only our government but the American ideal.

Biden’s intellectual slaughter in the debate was a planned sacrifice; a scheduled execution. Obama 2.0 needed to introduce to the Democrat rank-and-file the fact that we, who have been saying Biden is in deep cognitive decline and unfit for the presidency, were and are correct. In doing so, they have created the transformative chaos needed to affect abrupt and enthusiastic change.

Remember Rahm Emanuel lettering the cat out of the bag about how to leverage crisis?

Thirdly, this is the part that has me quite disturbed. Now, they get to select a replacement for Biden on the national ballot without any input from the voters. All they have to do is force a brokered convention, and they can install their candidate.

Make no mistake. That selected candidate would have never been able to win a national election going through the primary process. This hand-picked candidate will be more radical and more aggressive – and have a much looser relationship with the truth – than any other Democrat ever elected to office.

The candidate will be a devout neo-Bolshevik Marxist who will make Barack Obama’s lust for transformative change to socialism seem like a third-grade sociology experiment. Should this selected candidate win, God forbid, he or she – given the massive debt held by our country and the debilitation of the rule of law and fidelity to the Constitution and Bill of Rights – will be the last American president to be elected in our Constitutional Republic. That era will be over. The transformation to totalitarian, central-government, democratic socialism will be complete. The United States will be worse off than any socialist country in the Third World; only the people will still be forced – by our government – to pay the world’s bills…until we can’t.

So, who will the neo-Bolsheviks of Obama 2.0 select to install? Gavin Newsom, the man who single-handedly destroyed San Francisco and then the entire state of California? Hillary Clinton, the Alinsky-loving Marxist whose lust for power and the spotlight drips off her fangs like a carnivorous predator? Michelle Obama, the ultra-racist who literally hates the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, who said publicly that she is ashamed to be an American?

Democrats do not have a deep bench, and the Marxists are in control of that party and will direct the outcome of the convention in August.

Another friend on social media prognosticated that Biden would be “pursuaded” to step down before November, giving Democrats the mantle of having elevated the first woman to the Oval Office, Kamala Harris. Her only purpose will be to grant pardon to Hunter Biden and, unconstitutionally, issue pre-indictment and conviction clemency to Biden and those who committed high crimes during his administration. Given Obama 2.0’s contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution, this is not outside the realm of possibility.

Harris will not, however, be at the top of the Democrat ticket in November. Their anointed constitutional assassin will be.

The only way – only way – to circumvent this scenario is to not only win the presidency by a sizeable and indisputable margin in November but also to win supermajorities in both houses of Congress. Right now, the momentum realized by the Trump campaign is not being realized in the down-ticket races, which is incredibly problematic.

This is why I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. This is why we have no business celebrating Biden’s dismal debate performance. We are up against a ruthless, power-hungry, evil cabal in Obama 2.0. It is a battle for the heart and soul of America; a battle in which the very idea of freedom, individualism, and Americanism hangs in the balance.

Pay attention, people. This is much more serious than you could have ever imagined.

Then, our segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast nationally from our flagship station WGUL AM860 & FM93.7 in Tampa, Florida.

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