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The Storm We Can See Is Only The Beginning

The Storm We Can See Is Only The Beginning

In this two-part episode I tackle a few subjects because, as they say, when it rains it pours, and we just had one of the worst storms in American history.

In the first segment Matt Bruce and I talk on The Captain's America: Third Watch about Hurricane Ian, the rescue efforts, and how some on both the Left and the Right are being absolutely ridiculous, if no heartless, in their need to opine on the matter. Sometimes it's just best not to politicize a subject.

In the second segment I address a two ideological and political storm that we had better get handles on before they go too far. The disinformation game is a foot on both sides on two separate issues and we simply must turn back to truth, and not subjective truth

I talk about those issues and a lot more on Talkback with Chuck Wilder...


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