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The Speech Backdrop That Sets The Tone For 2022 & 2024

The Speech Backdrop That Sets The Tone For 2022 & 2024

The Biden administration and its handlers (or should I say the fascist cabal that is now in control in Washington, DC), has telegraphed its playbook. Their strategy for the midterms and 2024 are to run against Donald Trump again, regardless of whether he chooses to run or not.

We have heard it said with a full throat from several mouths on the radical Left. They want to run against the idea of a radical MAGA Republican Right. As usual, the fascists of the Left are transferring their evil-doings onto their opponents. When Biden screeches about how the MAGA Republicans desecrate the Constitution and support lawlessness, how they want to steal elections and disenfranchise voters, it is exactly what they, themselves, are doing.

Fascist Democrats love to redefine words and phrases and re-coin the meanings on their opponents' mantras. It is for this reason that we must disarm them of their most potent weapon. We must pivot away from the bumpersticker slogans and the mantras; the Fifth Avenue marketing that is so old Wilson was in diapers when it was first presented. The next election must be about policy and the naming of names of those puppet masters behind the scenes; the cabal that is Obama 2.0...


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Underground USA
Underground USA
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