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The Perfect Storm Is Upon Us

The Perfect Storm Is Upon Us

I want to share something with you that I wrote for a symposium promotion back in 2012. It is a concept created years before when I was executive director at BasicsProject.org, a 501c3 education and research organization focused on educating on the threats of Islamofascism and the American Fifth Column and how those threats multiply when the population exists constitutionally illiterate.

Back then, it was a projection of what could happen. Today, we are witnessing this in real-time:

“The moment is fast approaching. The convergence of apathy and evil – oblivion and conquest – is soon upon us.

“Three critical issues directly related to our nation's survival are coming together to present one of the greatest challenges the United States will ever face if, in fact, it survives.

“Externally, the threat comes in the form of a violent and intolerant theocratic ideology that quests to rule the world, expunging or making subservient all other religious and moral dogmas known to man. In its wake, it leaves indiscriminate death by the millions, using the innocent and the ignorant to facilitate its conquest through fear and intimidation.

“For those who are conquered – for those who survive – an all-encompassing existence of servitude and oppression.

“Internally, forces antithetical to the American philosophy – to our true Judeo-Christian roots – are using our own system of government and our electoral process to move our nation incrementally away from its charter as a constitutional republic, fundamentally transforming the United States of America from a constitutional republic to a democracy (of which our Founders and Framers warned), then to democratic socialism and to the totalitarian elitism of Marxism.

“This ‘American Fifth Column’ infects our land with a Marxist neo-fascistic ideological cancer, killing liberty and freedom in its path.

“Yet, these threats are not new to our country. We have faced them down before. We have, in the past, stared into the violent and deceptive eyes of evil and come out stronger for the experience.

“So, why are these forces so potent today? What makes this moment in time so different than in the past?

“Simple. Today, ‘We the People’ are complicit in our own demise.

“Our nation has become so constitutionally illiterate – so oblivious to the worth and value of our God-given rights, bestowed by our Creator as inalienable and enshrined in our Charters of Freedom – that we willingly abdicate them, casting them aside as if a burden and facilitating the potency of the evils that confront our very existence.

“We the People – through apathy, through ignorance – have created our own destiny. We have facilitated ‘The Perfect Storm.’”

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Twelve years later, this prognostication is a reality. The Perfect Storm is upon us.

Neo-Marxist protesters who took to the streets championing the fraudulent Black Lives Matter movement are now “occupying” campuses in support of the pro-Hamasterrorists in Gaza, doing so violently as in a well-funded and coordinated manner.

Internal and external forces that pose serious threats both to our nation and the free world have converged to fight against the very idea of freedom and Americanism.

Truly, we are witnessing – in real-time – “The Perfect Storm” and if we don’t correct course in a dramatic way these forces have the potential to destroy our Republic and render the idea of free societies of self-governance nothing more than a memory of what could have been.

Something to think about as you consider your choices this November.

Then, Monday’s segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast nationally from our flagship station WGUL AM860 & FM93.7 in Tampa, Florida.

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