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The Not So Good Information From The Good Information Foundation

The Not So Good Information From The Good Information Foundation

For years - years - I have been telling you how the dark money, special interest, elites have been manipulating the information presented to you to consume. I have talked about David Brock and Media Matters and how the mainstream media complex is bought and paid for by the radical Left. Now comes the Good Information Foundation.

A whistleblower from the Left side of the aisle has bravely come forward to out the Good Information Foundation as an entity that pays social media influencers to create and advance false-flag content to manipulate the way you see certain situations directly related to election year political issues. And guess who was exposed as providing millions of dollars to fund these deceitful, false-flag efforts? None other than our favorite currency-destroying Nazi, George Soros.

I talk about this and more with Matt Bruce on The Captain's America: Third Watch...


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