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The Misdirection Of The Bright-Shiny Thing

The Misdirection Of The Bright-Shiny Thing

Before we get into this morning's episode on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, in which we talk about the non-existent indictment of Donald Trump, I'd like to point out that in the media realm, that story sucked all the air out of the room.

The fake news of a Trump indictment being used as a “bright-shiny thing,” we are being distracted from what happened with the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, and a few of the banks that went belly up.

Once again, banks were bailed out by the American people in the guaranteeing of deposits beyond the established limit, that everyone knew about. This is another “too big to fail” type of mechanism the federal government is using to reward the ultra-rich who are ignoring risk to make money because they know the taxpayer is always going to be forced to bail them out.

If they don't feel some kind of pain for their bad economic practices how are we going to have a stable market? We can't have a stable Market! If banking institutions realize they can act in any manner they want; as risky as they want; as unethical and immoral as they want; as socially engineered as they want – without repercussions, what's to stop them from going even further than they’ve already they've gone?

But hey! Orange man bad! Make sure we talk about an indictment that hasn't been issued; that neither side says is coming down. Make sure that's the number one story in the media.

Are you getting it yet? The mainstream media complex is not on your side and they don't deliver accurate information. They are pawns in a bigger game that manipulates you.

Then this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce…

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