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The Mainstream Media Can Be Leashed If We Make It About Policy

The Mainstream Media Can Be Leashed If We Make It About Policy

In the wake of President Biden's insanely coercive and authoritarian speech that sought to further cement the divide in our country as we approach the Midterm Elections, we see that the puppet masters of the Left - Obama 2.0 - are telegraphing their playbook; their intentions. Their plan is to make the Midterms and the 2024 election a rerun of "Orange Man Bad," doing so by inflaming the divide that started with Obama 1.0.

But we don't have to be sucked into playing their game. In fact, if we exclusively focus our messaging on the policies the Biden administration has dismantled - policies that nurtured a thriving economy, that saw low unemployment, that saw our 401Ks and small businesses healthy and expanding, that saw prosperity for all; for every demographic, and that produced a stronger United States in the eyes of the world - if we focus the message on the policies Biden dismantled, that red wave could actually appear.

This, why smart thermostats should be ripped from your walls and how beer companies can help the people of Jackson Mississippi during their water crisis, and a few other things in this episode...


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