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The Left Is Using The Issues Of Guns & Abortion To Manipulate The People

The Left Is Using The Issues Of Guns & Abortion To Manipulate The People

With the recent US Supreme Court decisions on abortion and gun rights, the political opportunists and agendized media are doing everything they can to play on the emotions of the people. Both disingenuous (or constitutionally illiterate) politicians and so-called “journalists” are employing deceitful headlines and false narratives to serve a far-Left ideology and agenda.

In both the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen (Bruen) and Dobbs, State Health Officer Of The Mississippi Department of Health v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Dobbs), the narratives being used by the political and activist classes and the mainstream media complex to mislead the public on the meanings of the rulings is nothing less than intellectually criminal and in the least exploitative...


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