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The Democrats' Bad Trades & Expulsion

The Democrats' Bad Trades & Expulsion

Before I get into how the DNC tossed two-time loser Stacey Abrams under the bus, this week, I need to address the horrific prisoner swap executed by the Biden administration.

I've been writing and speaking a lot lately about culture and the culture wars in the United States and that's because our politics; our government stems from our culture. What our culture mandates is what we get. That's why the saying goes, “You get the government that you vote for.”

Our government has exhibited an incredible contempt for Americanism in how they went about the release of Brittney Griner. They could have negotiated the release of Paul Whelan, who is incarcerated in Russia on espionage charges but who maintains his innocence.

Griner knowingly went to Russia with things she knew she shouldn't have brought, admitted she was guilty, and was sentenced to prison. So, why does Griner's release mean more than securing the release of an ex-Marine who is charged with espionage but who maintains his innocence?

It's because of the demographic. The Biden administration and the radical Left in the United States only sees skin color when it comes to anything. They saw a Black female and – automatically – she needs to be the priority, not the White male.

We can't get past the era of racism – which really was put to bed during the 70s – if we don't stop looking at skin color in everything, and this is starting to be the case with gender, too. This dovetails into the piece that's the headline over at Underground USA today, “Leftist Activists Prove Points After Being Attacked By Fringe Left Thugs”.

We all must engage in the culture wars because the government doesn't have a say over our culture, even though they're trying to right now. They're trying to socially engineer and that will affect culture and if they can get control of culture our nation is dead; then we live in a totalitarian country, and its on that path.

The culture wars mean you don't shy away from talking to your neighbor, talking to your family, talking to your friends about current events and that includes politics, government, morality, and ethics. We need to start having conversations about this because right now we have a government that lacks morals in a great manner and has no ethic. They're willing to manipulate the truth to manipulate the people. That's our fault because we refuse to talk about politics and culture and ethics and morality with our family, friends, and neighbors.

We've been told it's not polite to talk about politics but at this point, if you don't care about survival, maintain that attitude. it doesn't mean you have to get into an argument about it. It doesn't need to be that. You can have a civil discussion and you can agree to disagree but we need to get these issues out on the table because right now the federal government has changed our country, over the past 50 years and probably even more, to a centralized form of government which our Framers abhorred. They equated that with monarchy, tyranny, despotism, and totalitarianism.

So as we go forward in this Christmas Season let's not only remember the reason for the season (it’s not materialism) let's also engage in talking about our culture, civil, kindly, and wholeheartedly, with the people we love. It's a great place to start...

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