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The Bluster That Is Biden’s COVID Emergency

The Bluster That Is Biden’s COVID Emergency

Before we get into this segment of The Captain’s America: Third Watch, I want to say a couple words about the lead piece over at UndergroundUSA.com, We Won’t Get Fooled Again: I Will Not Comply. We talk about that in this segment as well.

There is no reason for our federal government – or even our state governments –  to be mandating anything about COVID ever again. We've already seen the lawsuits come down on the side of the people who filed the lawsuits because they lost jobs. We've seen the Judiciary slap down the Executive for the orders they issued using the organizations they used in order to force their will upon the people. And we've seen where the public has boycotted companies that not only mandated the jab but the use of masks and how they suffered the consequences for totalitarian actions.

Study after study has come out saying that masks didn't work and that's just common sense because the apertures used in the popular masks are much much larger than the virus itself. The use of masks made no sense. It actually caused more damage than good because it caused you to breathe in more CO2. That’s very bad for you, especially children.

We're finding out now that the vaccine is affecting pregnant women and women who are seeking to become pregnant because the mRNA vaccine is being passed on to the fetus through the placenta and the bloodstream.

We see myocarditis erupting in young men. The side effects of these vaccines grotesquely outnumber the points of benefit.

And we're seeing that natural immunity is superior treatment for this; that Ivermectin – even the FDA has had to come out to admit this even though they massage their language to achieve plausible deniability – but they came out and said, “You know what? Doctors, they can prescribe ivermectin for COVID,” and this is after it's been proven again – in study after study – that the cocktail of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and high-dose vitamin D is much more effective than any vaccine.

And lastly, we've seen that the vaccines just don't work! They don't prevent COVID. They don't prevent the passage of COVID. It's ridiculous! And now they have a new variant out?

You know what? Everybody's got some level of natural immunity to this. So, wash your hands. If somebody is sick, treat it like the flu. If somebody is sick, don't get in their face. And if you're sick don't cough in people's faces; don't sneeze in people's faces. Have a little civility when it comes to being sick. But if you take your precautions for the regular flu then you've done everything that you possibly can to prevent COVID.

Make no mistake. This ramp-up of covid “fear porn” again is all centered on the 2024 General Election because that way they can keep the drop boxes out there; they can continue to normalize ballot harvesting.

It's really sickening when you think about how stupid they think the American people are.

So, go over to UndergroundUSA.com and read the piece, We Won't Get Fooled Again: I Will Not Comply.

Then, this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce…

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