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The Blame Game Or The Klain Game?

The Blame Game Or The Klain Game?

Before we get to today's segment on TalkBack with Chuck Wilder, I want to talk a little bit more about who's culpable for the top secret documents being in Joe Biden's garage…and his personal office…and every other place they're not supposed to be.

If you have a Chief of Staff – for president or a vice president or anybody at that level of government, that Chief of Staff is obligated to know about every single thing that goes on in that office. He or she is in charge. So, while Joe Biden may not have known what documents were in boxes next to his Corvette in the garage, Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff – both from when he was Vice President and now as President – should have known exactly what was in those boxes and what documents were contained therein.

He needed to know where these documents were, when they were transported, who transported them, and why they were transported to where they were transported.

Ron Klain is the hardcore radical Leftist that manages the White House today. So, as we start talking about culpability and who should be held accountable for these documents being illegally in locations they're not supposed to be.

It's not an oversight. They were illegally removed. A crime has been committed and that's an absolute; there's no arguing away from that. It doesn't matter whether the Biden White House is “cooperating” with the National Archives, is “cooperating” with the Special Counsel or is cooperating with the DoJ. The fact that the top secret documents were there means a crime was committed and that's what we need to focus on:

  • Who knew about it?

  • When did they know about it?

  • Why was it authorized?

  • Who moved them?

Everyone who knew about these top secret documents being in Delaware or being at the University of Pennsylvania – when they weren't supposed to be there – they are culpable; they've committed a crime. and it all starts with Ron Klain, Joe Biden's Chief of Staff.

So, let's look at him. Let's look at what he said. Let's look at who he directed. Because if he didn't know about the movement of top secret documents out of a SCIF that whole hierarchy at the White House has to go.

I also want to take issue with the way Chuck Schumer is responding to this crime.

A recent talking head show visit by the Senate Majority Leader (sampled in the podcast) is demonstrably different from the way he sounded when Mar-A-Lago was raided by the FBI looking for top secret documents.

This is the kind of hypocrisy that makes people hate politicians.

Chuck Schumer is still the Majority Leader in the Senate because we had people who didn't show up to the polls or, if they did, they were all freaked out by the propaganda about MAGA candidates. We needed a sea change election this past midterm, a sea change that never materialized.

Those of you who didn't vote or didn't vote for someone because they said they were MAGA or they believed the last election may have been skewed, only to re-elect the same people back to Washington (who are spending like drunken sailors into the trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars), you've got to wake up! 

You've got to wake up. You've got to start voting for people who are good for the country rather than whether they've got a D behind their name or they've got an R behind their name. There are some Republicans I would and will never vote for including Mitchich McConnell. He's got to go too.

It's not just on the Left. It's on the Right, too. It's time to clean up the swamp.

But, we should all be looking – when it comes to these top secret documents – at Ron Klain, Joe Biden's Chief of Staff.

Then, I talk with Chuck Wilder on TalkBack…

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