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The Beginning Of The Greatest Divide

The Beginning Of The Greatest Divide

Before we get to this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I wanted to touch on something we talked about this morning and that is the divide that is starting to foment in the Democrat Party.

The neo-fascist Left of the Democrat Party – formerly known as the Progressives – which has run roughshod over the Democrat Party for the last, at least, thirty years, are a minority. They're a vocal minority; they're a bully minority, but they are the minority.

Traditional Democrats haven't been represented in their party for quite a while. Now we have a moment in time when their incumbent candidate, Joe Biden, is thoroughly incapable of running for re-election (he was incapable of running for election the first time but that's beside the point).

They have a viable candidate in Robert F Kennedy Jr. but the hard Left doesn't want Robert F Kennedy Jr. because he's a traditional Democrat. He's not a neo-fascist Progressive. So, they're floating the idea of Gavin Newsom.

If Republicans are smart – and boy the jury is out on that – they will help facilitate this fissure on the Democrat side. A full propaganda campaign, Republicans talking to their Democrat friends asking why the Democrat leadership is so tone deaf and literally deaf about Kennedy's candidacy will put them in a corner so they have to explain why they don't like Kennedy. Because when they have to explain why they don't like Kennedy they have to admit that they are extremists. No one likes to admit that.

This would be the perfect time to give our Democrat – our traditional Democrat friends – and olive branch so that we can get back to government that centers on compromise and not division.

Let's help them expunge the neo-fascist Left from their party. They never belonged there in the first place. They're an infection in the Democrat Party and they need to be expunged.

So, let's think about how to do that and how to do it without the leadership of the Washington establishment because they want to keep the status quo going. If we want to get the country back to good we have to do it ourselves.

On that note, be sure to pick up your copy of Nullification: The Case for Decentralizing the Federal Government available in Kindle and in paperback over at Amazon.com.

Now, this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch

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