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The Archbishop Of Woke Arrogance

The Archbishop Of Woke Arrogance

Before we get into this morning's episode of The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I wanted to touch on an item in the news centering on the Archbishop of York which is a hierarchy position in the Church of England.

The current Archbishop, in an interview, took issue with the Lord's Prayer and the words that open the Our Father saying that they were “too patriarchal” and they could “offend people”.

I don't know that arrogance is a strong enough word for that statement but it does illustrate the intense arrogance and self-centeredness and selfishness of the woke movement.

Jesus Christ was the one who handed down the words of The Lord's Prayer. Is the Archbishop, who is supposed to be someone who serves Christ, in a position to question the words that Jesus Christ used in the primary prayer that all Christians know?

The Pope doesn't even have that kind of authority; to look at the words of Christ –  the direct words of Christ; the direct words of the Savior – and say, “I wish Jesus really would have thought this through a little bit better so that he wouldn't have offended people”.

When a movement can be offended by Jesus Christ – the most compassionate figure in all of human history – then something's wrong with that movement not something wrong with what Jesus Christ said.

NULLIFICATION by Frank Salvato lays out an argument and the basis for a strategic plan that justifies the use of the nullification procedure, at the state level, to constitutionally rein in an overreaching federal government.

The woke movement is out of control! The people who adhere blindly to it are some of the most jaded, self-centered, selfish, megalomaniacs that I have ever run into. They can never be wrong. They always have to be right.

Quite honestly, I'm done putting up with them and you should be too. When someone comes at you with wokeness stuff it right back down their throat! Tell them how childish and selfish and self-centered they’re being and how most of what they believe is not only divisive it's hateful.

So, if you're woke you may want to take this warning to heart. Stay away from me! You're a cancer to a healthy body and personally, I hope that your movement dwindles so that the number of you is so few that you feel the kind of “canceling” that you've been trying to do to anyone who doesn't sit down and listen to your two-year-old temper tantrums.

Woke is dead! Long live non-woke!!

Then, this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce …

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