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Slash & Burn Politics and 'The Chexit'

Slash & Burn Politics and 'The Chexit'

It is astounding why a rising star amongst the political Right at the national level - a woman with name recognition, a legacy, and a solid base - would attach her entire political career on attempting to settle some kind of score against Donald Trump. But Liz Cheney did and now her career is in ashes.

Then, as she was standing in the middle of the burnt-out shell of her political career, she tripled down by attempting to conjure thoughts of Abraham Lincoln while floating the idea of a Chenery for President campaign in 2024.

We're not sure what she's smoking to think this idea is plausible, but one thing is for sure. She fell for the "cult of personality politics" bait the far-Left chummed the water with and now they are celebrating taking out one of the women on the Right who could have thrown a wrench into a gender-based candidate argument in 2024...

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