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Placing Restrictions On The Free Speech-Killing RESTRICT Act

Placing Restrictions On The Free Speech-Killing RESTRICT Act

Before we get into this morning’s segment on Talkback with Chuck Wilder, I want to talk a little bit more about Freedom of Speech

It's enshrined in the First Amendment and we believe that we have it but throughout history, the freedom of speech has been something that is vacillated to a lesser extent and a more potent extent.

There is a great book titled Free of Speech by Jacob Mchangama that I urge you to either pick up and read or download and listen to (I listen to my books, I just consume it better that way). 

We always need to jealously guard our right to free speech. We saw, through the COVID debacle, that our federal government believes free speech is fluid and something that can be manipulated. That shouldn't be the case.

Our Bill of Rights, the way that our country was set up; the covenant that the people have with the government, establish us in a constant state of freedom as mandated by the Bill of Rights. 

Some in the private sector have come to not understand that. They hide behind the fact that the Bill of Rights is something that limits the federal government and they believe they can do whatever they want. We saw Twitter do it in censoring valid voices from the medical community. We saw it in Facebook censoring valid voices that had alternative viewpoints to the established narrative.

Those companies are not living in the spirit of the Bill of Rights and they should be condemned for it.

Free Speech also comes with a boatload of responsibility. You need to do your homework to make sure you've got your facts straight before you decide to opine. There are a lot of people –  especially on the fascist Left, and I'm going to name some names: Rob Reiner, Kathy Griffin, Steve Colbert, all of the idiots on late night what's-supposed-to-be-comedy TV talk shows, all of them – they shoot their mouths off based on pure opinion and emotion, failing to research the facts of the matter, failing to consider both sides of an argument, and failing to come to a measured and logical, common sense-based conclusion.

Social media has supercharged this melody in our society and we – each and every one of us – have to take responsibility for our own contributions on social media and dial the emotionally charged, non-fact-based, bullshit back.

This is why the last election was based purely on a personality contest. It had zero to do with the policies that were put in place, zero. The policies that were in place were very good for our nation; we're very good for our people. We had low unemployment. We had an explosion in small business ownership, an explosion in minority homeownership. We were respected around the world. But the Mainstream Media Complex manipulated the population into believing something that facilitated an emotionally charged personality contest and that's why, “Orange man bad” won.

If there's one person that should be condemned most of all it's Rob Reiner. A bigger moron I have never come across. Just read some of his tweets. He’s a complete and utter jagoff. That might be a little too spicy for you but I don't know how else to characterize him. Read his tweets and you'll understand.

Free speech. It's something worth fighting for but we have to do it coming from an informed and educated vantage point that looks at the opposing argument and comes to rational conclusions before we open our mouths or put fingers to keyboards. 

Then, this morning’s segment on Talkback with Chuck Wilder…

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