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Phobias…The Woke Left’s Got ‘Em

Phobias…The Woke Left’s Got ‘Em

In this segment of America’s Third Watch, we discuss – among other things – the woke Left’s neverending list of phobias. Oh, sure they present as being these confident social justice warriors, but the fact of the matter is this. That confidence is a facade.

Traditionally, the Progressives – now officially transitioned to “the woke” (I wonder if you have to have anything cut off during that transition) – project their actions, thoughts, and fears upon their opposition. When they screamed Russian collusion it was Hillary Clinton and the former FBI counterintelligence chief who were doing the colluding. When they pointed fingers at Donald Trump about grifting the Ukrainians, it was Hunter Biden getting paid to do nothing.

And just like the midlife-crisis 1970s male who had to buy a Corvette to “compensate” for what we will label “shortcomings”, the woke Left is continually overcompensating in their championing of just about every special interest demographic known to man. This is where the phobias come in.

Islamophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, you name it. If you can attach “phobia” at the end of something, at some point during a political, social, or cultural disagreement with a woke Leftist you will be labeled some sort of phobic.

But this doesn’t make sense. No one “fears” Muslims. We may have an issue with the fanatics in our midst, you know, the ones that like to fly planes into buildings and blow people up, but no one fears Muslims. And how the hell do you fear a religion? I find Islam in need of significant reformation but fear it?

Then there is the ridiculous notion of Americans who aren’t woke being afraid of people from other cultures and countries. We’re a melting-pot. We’re a nation of people from other cultures and countries. No one “fears” the illegals who are crossing our borders. We might be pissed off about it and rightfully so. They don’t respect our country enough to follow the rules but they want our taxpayer-funded aid? They want the opportunity for a better life but start by breaking the law? No, no fear. Just resentment.

And who the hell is afraid of Dylan Mulvaney? Or the ridiculous Hunger Games wannabes Jill Biden had in her extremely bizarre Christmas video? In 2023, most of us have blown by the “homosexuals are mysterious” phase and are in the house of “who gives a shit” about other people’s private lives. Nobody cares. Are the activists in the demographics taking their demands that they have an overblown place in society too far? Hell, yes. But fear them? No, I don’t think so.

So, please know this. When a woke Leftist launches a label at you that ends in “phobia,” what they are really saying is that they are afraid of you; that they have a fear of the logical. Lord knows they have Trumpphobia.

And before we get into this segment of America’s Third Watch I want to direct you to an important piece, the lead at Underground USA today, titled, The Woke's Shallow Crusade Against US History Continues, which deals with the Biden administration’s immanent removal of a monument from Arlington National Cemetery commemorating the reconciliation of the North and the South after the Civil War. One must truly search to recall a more cowardly and inane act…

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