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Oh, You’re A Change-Agent Activist? (Yawn)

Oh, You’re A Change-Agent Activist? (Yawn)


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Before we get into this current segment of America’s Third Watch, I wanted to preface a point that we touch on, which centers on the obnoxious trend of everyone needing to be a change-agent activist.

Understand, I have no issue with people who see a wrong and want to affect change for the better. I applaud them. The world needs more people aware of our societal maladies and willing to sacrifice to affect positive change.

But the keyword in all of that is “sacrifice” and the chief sacrifice is taking the time to understand the issue thoroughly. Too many people – especially GenZers and university students – allow their emotions to drive them without a comprehensive understanding of the issue that has “triggered” them.

The danger in being only quasi-informed on an issue someone is passionate about is that this class of “activist” falls prey to the manipulative social engineers who almost always exist on the transformative Left. A quasi-informed “change-agent activist” is easily manipulated into being a useful idiot for those who believe the failed ideologies of socialism and communism can somehow – if done just a bit differently than the last time – create utopia.

I touch on just such a useful idiot at the start of this segment; a purple-haired metal-headed Starbucks barista (and yes I am stereotyping) who believes that putting a political statement on a coffee cup qualifies as activism…

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