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Letting The Days Go By: This Is Not My Beautiful House

Letting The Days Go By: This Is Not My Beautiful House

Before we get to this morning’s segments on America’s Third Watch with Kyle Warren, in which we discuss both how our federal government got to this level of dysfunction, and a pathway to rectifying this serious issue, I wanted to to point out a prime example of how the federal government abuses the taxpayers to its benefit.

Do you know there is a taxpayer-funded White House Medical Unit, complete with a pharmacy, that ineligible people within the administration have been using for over a decade?

Let me be clear. A free pharmacy in the White House allows those who have access to it to get free prescription and non-prescription medications. This abuse of taxpayer dollars occurred under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump and is suspected of continuing under the Biden administration.

The White House Medical Unit is supposed to be a free-standing medical unit that tends to the medical needs of the President, Vice President, and their families, and select – meaning a very small number of people – few staffers.

A January 2024 report by the Department of Defense’s Inspector General indicates that there has been a revolving door at the White House pharmacy:

“We found that the White House Medical Unit provided a wide range of health care and pharmaceutical services to ineligible White House staff in violation of Federal law and regulation and DoD policy…Additionally, the White House Medical Unit dispensed prescription medications, including controlled substances, to ineligible White House staff.”

First, the Obama Administration gerrymanders legislation that requires the American citizenry to pay for health insurance, including unreasonable pharmaceutical prices which most often see countries around the world paying less than we do in the United States for the same drugs.

Then Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare in total even as they controlled both houses of Congress.

Now we find out that free prescription and non-prescription medication has been doled out to White personnel – and beyond – for over a decade?

Wouldn’t you like to go to a pharmacy where you didn’t have to pay for your prescription medications…and maybe even bring your friends so they can get free prescription medication, too?

This is just another perfect example of how much contempt the federal government has for the American citizenry. The idea that the elected class “serves” the people is ludicrous. We have already transformed from a Constitutional Republic to a system of Lords and serfs.

The World Economic Forum has nothing on the “gorge at the taxpayer feed trough” US federal government.

It is time – in fact, well past time – that we re-empower the individual states so that the government closest to the citizen is the one most easily managed and changed. Then we can dismantle the bureaucratic Deep State one immoral and corrupt brick at a time.

When we come back, this Morning’s America Third Watch segments…

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