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Less Government. More Freedom.

Less Government. More Freedom.

Before we get to this morning’s segment on The Captain’s America: Third Watch, I wanted to double down on some things we talked about at the end of the second segment.

First, we need to expunge the idea that the Democrat Party is the political party that champions the working and average man. This idea is so far from the truth it would take a Space X rocket just to see where it was 50 years ago.

The Democrat Party, today, is the party of corporate coercion and wealth; of rewarding their political benefactors and placing the most extreme elements of our society above every other demographic that comprises the United States.

They are the party of globalism and one-world government; of centralized government and authoritarianism. At every turn, they seek to attain more power over the people and, by doing so, to whittle away at our individual rights making the Bill of Rights a work of fiction.

Today’s Democrats are, in fact, neo-fascists who use private-sector cronies to impose their will onto the people when their attempts at legislation fail.

The concerning point that we talked about this morning is that the Republicans of the “Uniparty” federal government are no better; they are just less egregious in their actions making them the lesser of the two evils when it comes to choosing.

This brings me to the second point and one that bears stating again. The core of the Republican purpose – going back to its inception – is to maintain limited government; to affect less government in our lives. This means fewer but better laws, less regulation, lower taxes (if any), and the protection of sovereignty.

Today, the federal GOP is floating minimum wage bills that puke on the notion of a free market. They have failed to even repeal Obamacare as a whole and continually find ways to allow the neo-fascist Left to “compromise” their way into incrementally subjugating the citizenry even as they redistribute wealth to those who refuse to participate in our economy.

This is why the only platform message I care to hear from any of the GOP presidential candidates – and actually, this goes for all of the GOP candidates at any level of government – is this: Less government, more freedom.

It’s time we started seeing the repeal of laws, not the creation of more, and it is absolutely time to restructure our tax system to forbid the elected class from creating new taxes or expanding the taxation that already exists. Neither party can be trusted to come through for the American people on that point.

Less government. More freedom. Fewer and limited taxation. If that’s your platform and you explain how you will adhere to those principles, then you have my vote. Otherwise, don’t even knock on the day to ask.

Our Monday segment on The Captain’s America: Third Watch, right after this. You’re listening to Underground USA…

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