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Kennedy Should Scare The Hell Out Of Biden & The Neo-Fascists

Kennedy Should Scare The Hell Out Of Biden & The Neo-Fascists

Before we get into today’s episode of The Captain’s America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I wanted to touch on a point that was made in the second segment.

With the announcement by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that he has tossed his hat in the ring for the Democrat nomination for president in 2024, Republicans have to get serious about exorcising the cult of personality from the campaign trail and party platform and focus seriously on defining why conservative, non-globalist policies are a better choice for our nation.

Kennedy has stated that his platform is anti-BigPharma, anti-Swamp, anti-bureaucracy, and anti-neo-fascism in the unholy alliance between today’s Woke federal government and the manipulators of the elitist-globalist private sector. This platform is squarely in the middle and, therefore, will require smart politicking, not the current bumper sticker mentality.

If – and it is still an if because the Kennedy candidacy throws a huge wrench into the neo-fascist control of the leftmost wing of the Democrat Party; it is a direct threat to the Clinton/Obama/Biden handler team – Kennedy is the nominee, it doesn’t matter who the Republicans run as a candidate, the cult of personality will not win the election.

It has been a long time coming that the GOP stopped its response-centered style of politicking and moved to establish the narrative. Establishing that narrative with a message mired in accurate, fact-based information that educates and informs the populace is a winning strategy.

Running on soundbites and slogans; advancing another cult of personality pissing match that during the primary damages everyone on the debate stage in another pathetic attempt to be the opposite of what the DNC wants itself to be today, is a stupid strategy. We, on the Center-Left, the Center, and Right, have to up the game from its current 1970s National Enquirer state of being.

Then, this morning’s segment on The Captain’s America: Third Watch

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