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January 6th: A Timeline Of Events That Raises Many Questions


Many narratives were crafted about the protest that occurred at the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Almost all of the ones produced by Congress and the mainstream media shop the narrative of a violent mob that, unprovoked, stormed the Capitol Building while elected officials cowered in fear.

But that is the preferred narrative; the narrative those in power want you to believe.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the elected class was so reticent in releasing the full complement of surveillance video to the American public? It is a valid and important question to have answered.

Over 1,300 people were arrested and charged with various crimes related to the January 6th protest. Of that – three years on, 53 percent of those arrested (548 individuals) still await trial and another 220 individuals still wanted by the FBI. As to those still awaiting trial, their incarceration violates their Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights to due process and a speedy trial. Their continued incarceration moves them to the class of political prisoners.

J6: A True Timeline is an important documentary that establishes a certifiable timeline using “evidence from hundreds of J6 trials, as well as evidence from bodycam footage, radio communications, and police officer testimony,” so that we all can better understand what happened that day, who was responsible, and what went wrong.

The documentary does not editorialize. Instead, it “chronologically recounts the significant events of the day as they unfolded.” The opening paragraph on the efforts archival page at Open.Ink reads:

J6: A True Timeline gives the audience a never-before-seen timestamped blueprint for the events of January 6, 2021, as they unfolded in real-time. No other film to date fills the gaps or tells the story chronologically the way this film does. The film is also different from anything produced to date because a small group of protestors, some of whom are J6 defendants, have been the ones to collect hours of footage to help contextualize the events of the day. The film was funded and produced entirely through small donations and tens of thousands of volunteer man-hours. The hope is that the film will provoke all Americans to be more curious about the true timeline of January 6.”

Whether you vote Democrat, Republican, or Third Party, please, take the time to watch this documentary…and then consider what the power players wanted you to believe.

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