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It's Time to Vote...No Excuses

It's Time to Vote...No Excuses

Over my lifespan, I have witnessed a growing apathy when it comes to exercising our rights to vote. Too many people hold to the notion that one vote doesn't count. That is a ridiculous and clueless notion disproven by the many purple-fingered people of Iraq and Afghanistan who once held out hope for free and fair elections.

Sadly, US and international politics betrayed those people, all of whom put their lives on the line to cast a ballot. In the end, brute force won out in Iraq and the Biden administration's betrayal of the Afghanis sealed their fate to the Taliban Islamofascists.

So, too, are the status quo powers that be - in the mainstream and social media spheres as well as in the political parties - not only dividing us into election chattel, they are manipulating our perception of the potency of our right to vote.

There is no wave - Red or Blue - unless you turn out to vote. Truthfully, your failure to vote spits on the dead who fought and died for your right to do so. Are we so self-absorbed and selfish that we now shrug our shoulders at the sacrifices of those who protected out right to vote?

I discuss this, and more, with Matt Bruce on The Captain's America: Third Watch......


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