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It’s Official…The GOP Primary Season Is Over

It’s Official…The GOP Primary Season Is Over


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Before we get into Monday’s America’s Third Watch segment, I wanted to play Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential campaign suspension speech. It is just five minutes long, but it illustrates the humble modesty of a true leader.

Far from utilizing the typical “blame everyone else” political move that just about every inside-the-beltway politician uses when things don’t go their way, DeSantis accepted the realities of the matter:

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It bears noting that his campaign suspension was followed immediately by an endorsement of what can now only be seen as the overwhelming favorite for the GOP, former President Donald Trump.

Different from most political creatures, DeSantis didn’t name-call or castigate. He outlined what he was fighting for and will be fighting for in the last two years of his governorship and beyond.

And rather than personally attack former South Carolina Governor Mikki Haley, he simply pointed out the obvious facts about the timber and reality of her campaign; that she has outed herself as a corporatist and a Deep State player, two qualities we do not need in a President at this period in history.

Floridians know how devoted to individualism and freedom DeSantis is, so we supported him in his candidacy. And while the media likes to say that DeSantis' historical win in Florida for a second gubernatorial term was made possible by an endorsement from Donald Trump, that is about as far from the truth as can be.

DeSantis won a landslide second term because he had fidelity to the people and the Constitution. He won a historic re-election because he kept his promises and took the tough stands that most governors in the United States shied away from for fear of criticism.

What the future might hold for Governor DeSantis is unknown. But I truly hope it isn’t the last we hear of him in the public realm.

Until then, we must all band together to beat back the scourge of Marxism that has made significant headway in our country courtesy of the neo-fascist Left’s co-opting of the Democrat Party. We must cause a fissure between the far-Left faction in that party and the real Democrats. It’s the only way to save the Republic from the poison of globalism and the totalitarianism of the monsters at the World Economic Forum.

Then, this Monday’s America Third Watch segment…

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