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It’s Can’t Be A Same-Old-Same-Old Response This Time

It’s Can’t Be A Same-Old-Same-Old Response This Time

Before we get into Friday’s segment of Amerca’s Third Watch in which Kyle Warren and I discuss a variety of subjects – from the worthlessness of the United Nations in the Middle Eastern conflicts, to the very real fact that regardless of what US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the United States cannot engage in a two theater global conflict, to the inexperienced narcissism of the useless opinions on world events coming off of college and University campuses in the United States, I wanted to highlight a soundbite for everyone to consider.

I present a hot mic soundbite featuring US Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) – now Houston Mayoral Candidate Jackson Lee – in which she destroys any argument that insists she isn’t a two-faced bully.

In the soundbite, Jackson Lee – an alleged supporter of tolerance, diversity, equity, and inclusion – excoriates one of her aids and drips that venom onto a second.

This is the real Sheila Jackson Lee, not the measured camera-facing voice she puts on for the media. So, people of Houston, are you going to close your eyes, plug your noses, and vote “D” placing this unaccomplished bully in control of your city? Or are you going to be brave enough to elect someone who has the emotional and intellectual capacity to govern?

Please consider that question. It’s important.

Then, Friday’s segment of America’s Third Watch, syndicated nationally on the Salem and GCN networks.

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