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It Is Essential We Head The Violence Off At The Pass

It Is Essential We Head The Violence Off At The Pass

Before we get into this segment of America’s Third Watch, I wanted to comment on the disturbing rhetoric that is resurfacing among some of the more radical members of the Democrat Party, specifically Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, and Jamal Bowman.

At a recent rally in the South Bronx, AOC and Bowman – you remember Bowman as the scofflaw who put everyone’s life in danger by pulling the fire alarm in the US Capital Building to prevent a vote from taking place on the House floor – recently they headlined a rally in which their rhetoric was unacceptable in the least and actionable at best.

And Maxine Waters, a race-baiting fraud from California, has made several inflammatory statements about Donald Trump and his supporters. In May, Waters fear mongered that right-wing organizations connected to Trump were “training up in the hills somewhere to attack” if Biden won the election. Some analysts have interpreted this as the groundwork for a false flag operation planned by Democrats in case Trump wins in November. She has pathetically fear mongered about potential “killings” and fears for the safety of black people if Trump were to win, calling Trump supporters "domestic terrorists."

Give this a listen:


This type of irresponsible and incendiary rhetoric led to deadly riots throughout the summer of 2020, resulting in tens of billions of dollars in damage to property by far-Left activists; activists associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa. City governments in these Blue Meccas handcuffed law enforcement and let these neo-Bolshevik terrorists burn down buildings, co-opt city bocks through insurrection, and, in some cases, commit assault and even murder.

That never happened when Donald Trump lost his election.

This is all a result of the unchecked rhetoric coming out of the far-Left of the Democrat Party; the “Progressives,” the neo-fascists, the neo-Bolsheviks who are executing a Marxist-based agenda in real-time and who have been for the past 16 years.

They are hiding behind the First Amendment to justify incendiary rhetoric as political speech. While the First Amendment may protect their right to espouse violent rhetoric, words that incite violence and mayhem, with the right comes consequences when laws are transgressed by those they are inciting.

The US Supreme Court holds that citizens have a right to free speech under the First Amendment, but not if that speech is used or meant to produce imminent violent conduct or is likely to do so.

Under 18 US Code Section 2101, incitement to riots and violence includes the acts of organizing, promoting, encouraging, participating in a riot, or urging others to riot, a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison.

In California, Penal Code § 404.6 makes it a crime to incite a riot, even without direct participation in violent acts.

In New York State, Penal Law Section 240.08 addresses inciting to riot. According to this law, a person is guilty of inciting a riot when they urge ten or more individuals to engage in tumultuous and violent conduct likely to create public alarm. This conviction is punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a fine in the amount of $1,000 fine or double what the defendant gained from the crime.

I’d ask why AOC, Waters, and Bowman haven’t been charged with inciting violence and encouraging rioting, but I believe we all know the answer to that question. Blue urban areas and Blue states have politically weaponized the judicial system, and the established prosecutorial double standard benefits the Marxist revolutionaries masquerading as Democrats only.

Ultimately, these reprobates are enabled by those who elect them, and until these people are literally harmed by the violence AOC, Waters, and Bowman – and people like them – promote, it is unlikely they will be held accountable at the ballot box for their crimes.

But one thing is guaranteed. If conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, constitutionalists, and even real Democrats don’t start interceding between the fearmongers of violence and the electorate – and do it potently and successfully – the Puppet-stringed neo-Bolsheviks of the far-Left will riot, damage, burn, and murder if Donald Trump wins in November.

That’s what neo-Bolsheviks and anarchists do. They destroy.

We must nip these crimes – almost assured as they are – in the bud; head them off at the pass. Otherwise, our cities will burn.

Then, our segment on America’s Third Watch, broadcast nationally from our flagship station WGUL AM860 & FM93.7 in Tampa, Florida.

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