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He’s Hitting The Mark…Too Bad The Media Is Ignoring Him

He’s Hitting The Mark…Too Bad The Media Is Ignoring Him

In recent days, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has made some very dangerous statements for someone in his position. He is speaking the truth and the establishment, Deep State political apparatus doesn’t like it. How can they? They hated Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump for the same thing.

This is not an endorsement (it’s still too early in the process to make an intelligent statement of support), but each point Ramaswamy makes is something I can wholeheartedly agree with. In fact, I have been championing his stance on two of the issues for decades.

In these four clips, Ramaswamy hits on:

  • The media’s support of the institutional racism false narrative

  • The selective support of Ukraine as farce in the realm of “Good v. Evil”

  • Calling for the RNC’s failures in recent federal elections and Ronna McDaniel’s resignation

  • Reforming the electoral process by hobbling Super PACs

The False Narrative Of Institutional Racism

Ramaswamy answers a mainstream media reporter’s question on whether he “condemns” White Supremacy. His response is pointed and frank. Not only does he expose the disingenuousness of the question, but he also points the finger of culpability at the media for using the false narrative as a fulcrum in its ongoing quest to keep our nation divided.

As Ramaswamy is of Indian nationality, it is hard for race-baiters like Sharpton, Ibrahim X. Keni, Robin DiAngelo, and Marc Lamont Hill to level the over-used and deceitful charge of “racism at Ramaswamy. Considering the argument Ramaswamy made in his answer to the reporter, any charge of racism would open the door for a perfect example of bald-faced hypocrisy.


Wagging The Dog With Ukraine

Ramaswamy gives it to Piers Morgan on the issue of whether or not he supports the continuation of aid – both militarily and financially – to Ukraine in its war with Russia. To make his point, he examples the 2020 Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict and points out in no uncertain terms that Ukraine is supported because it is the media’s cause de jour and that because the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict was, in large part, about Christians the media had no stomach for covering the story in any meaningful way.

In a chiefly Christian country – as is the United States (64 percent of Americans asked identified as Christian), you would think there would at least be a mention of the conflict in the mainstream media, yet because the mainstream media controls the flow on information an overwhelming majority of Americans didn’t even know the conflict occurred.

In his attempt to counter Ramaswamy, Morgan stumbles and deflects in the face of being presented with that counter-argument to Morgan’s desire to pigeon-hole Ramaswamy on the Ukrainian issue and even goads Morgan into admitting that the United States has been used by the international community as a world police force.


The Joke That Is The Contemporary RNC

In a blunt statement, Ramaswamy says what few people in the Republican Party and no elected Republican say: The RNC is an ineffective, “it’s-my-turn”, power club that hates outsiders, settles for mediocrity, and loses elections.

I have been calling for Ronna McDaniel’s resignation – or firing – for years. She has failed to capture and hold the House and the Senate and (even though she tried to steal some of the spotlight) had very little to do with Donald Trump’s win in 2016.

So, what has she done besides prove to the rank-and-file GOP that she knows how to purchase expensive furniture? She has done nothing. She has occupied a position attained through nepotism (she is Mitt Romney’s niece) and done nothing to advance the achievements of the Republican Party.


The Duper Super PACs

In this final clip, Ramaswamy rightfully takes issue with the animal that is the Super PAC. While Republicans celebrated the Citizens United v. FEC verdict in 2010, the fact of the matter is this. Super PACs are a way for the elite and the wealthy to have more influence in elections than the average citizen.

I have written about this before. If the federal government is going to place limits on what an individual can give to any one candidate then there should be a low-threshold limit established for Super PACs. The alternative to that would be to reverse the Citizen United ruling.

With Citizen United, the floodgates to Dark Money were opened in the United States. As 501c4 organizations do not have to register their donors, not only can corporations and unions donate unlimited amounts to organizations that spearhead political campaigns, but they financially fuel opposition research which infamously produced the Steele Dosier for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016; a pack of lies and fiction that no one has been tried for and which exists as arguably the worst case of election interference in US history.


Too Early To Pull The Trigger

As I said, my support of these statements is not an endorsement of Ramaswamy’s candidacy. But it is an acknowledgment that his candidacy should be taken seriously. He is hitting on some very sensitive topics and saying what needs to be said; saying what most don’t have the courage to say:

  • The days of screaming “racist” at anyone you disagree with need to be over

  • The days of the United States being the sole respondent to the world’s call for help must be over; the free nations of the world have to step up by joining in any effort

  • Ronna McDaniel’s days as RNC chairwoman need to come to an end, as do the days of the RINO Romey faction in politics

  • And the days of manipulative Dark Money in our election and political processes need to be curtailed

These are four points that no one – with the possible exception of Ronna McDaniel – can argue against.

Hmm…maybe if the election results in Ramaswamy not heading to the White House we can talk him into being the chairman of the RNC?

Beuller? Beuller?

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