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He Who Controls The Food & Means To Healthcare...

He Who Controls The Food & Means To Healthcare...

Before we get to this morning’s segment on America's Third Watch, I wanted to touch on an item that I believe is getting little coverage in the mainstream media and the coverage it is getting is convoluted.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was invited to sit in with the Israeli War Cabinet so he could be informed on the next stage of Israel's campaign to rid Gaza of Hamas, this time in the south. What this meeting turned into was Blinken lecturing the Israelis about what they could and couldn't do, what they must do, and a time frame on when they needed to wrap this up.

Blinken told them they could not use the same tactics they did in the north (which were successful). Instead, they have to execute more pinpoint targeted attacks so they don't have to evacuate civilians, so they don't have to go into UN buildings or hospitals or community buildings and government buildings; buildings that Hamas hides behind – and they want it wrapped up in a couple months.

Actually, not even a couple of months. The Israelis said it should take a couple of months to wrap it up and Bllinken said, “I don't think you have that kind of credit.” 

Who the fuck is Anthony Blinken?! For that matter, who the fuck is the Biden Administration to be dictating to Israel – a country that was just attacked and had civilians slaughtered on the level of 9/11 for us (that's the equivocation, what happened on October 7th equates to what happened to us in New York, Shanksville, and Washington DC on September 11th, 2001).

So, who the hell is the Biden Administration to be telling a sovereign nation how they have to fight their war against an entity that the US State Department recognizes as a terrorist group…officially?!

Whose side are they on?? They keep saying they support Israel and that Hamas must be defeated but when Israel goes about defeating Hamas (and Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades) the Biden administration and the radical Left and our country – the United States, who is supposed to be the chief ally of Israel over everyone else in the world – Biden sends money to Iran and Iran sends money and arms to Hamas and Hezbollah. How's that being an ally? How's that giving a damn about Israel's survival? How is that helping Israel get rid of terrorists that lob missiles into their civilian population? It doesn't! 

Are we tired yet of the politicians that lie, bald-faced, to us and then do exactly the opposite? It’s been happening for a while but it has been on steroids since the Obama Administration and now the Biden Administration. It's just out of control!

It's time we know the names of the people behind the Blinkens, behind the Bidens, behind the Obamas; the people who have been pulling the strings not only through Obama's administration and Biden’s but who actively subverted a sitting president, duly elected, during the Trump Administration.

This governing by committee and shadow government rule has to stop

If the confrontation between Hamas and Israel brings anything to light it has to be something that wakes up the American people, especially those who vote for people like Biden and Obama!

And, so you know, this “social justice” scam is a canard; it's just a bully subject that allows the neo-fascist Left to do whatever the hell it wants when it wants to do it regardless of the will of the people, and that's not what we're supposed to be!

It's time we take our country back and that's easily done by executing nullification at the state level so the federal government doesn't have resources with which to do this. That's why I wrote the book!

Please read it. It's a solution to a runaway centralized federal government that would rather side with the World Economic Forum, Iran, and Hamas over free people in Israel and around the world. It's time we do something about it instead of just talking and whining about it!

Then, on this morning’s segment on America's Third Watch, we take a radical pivot from the Israeli-Hamas issue and instead bring you to another piece of cheery news: what they're trying to do to our food; what they're trying to do to our health systems here, all coming back to the big corporatist World Economic Forum gaggle of assholes.

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