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Finally, The Global March To Marxism Is Rebuked

Finally, The Global March To Marxism Is Rebuked

Before we get into Friday’s America’s Third Watch segment, in which we talk a lot about the situation in Gaza and our Southern border here in the US, I wanted to point out some promising talk coming out of all places, the World Economic Forum’s annual conference of elitist clowns in Davos.

On the off chance that you are not paying attention to the narcissistic globalists at the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos get-together (insert eye-roll here), I’d like to share with you my surprise at a question-and-answer session and a speech.

In both instances, the speakers presented a full-throated condemnation of Marxism and anti-individualism, with one presenter going as far as to declare those in attendance at Davos a part of the problem. You could almost feel the crowd’s righteous indignation.

Starting with the latter presenter first, we have Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts, who declared in no uncertain terms his dismay with the entire World Economic Forum assumption that they are soothsayers and the future of the world.

Then to the speech of the day, courtesy of Argentina’s newly elected president, Javier Milei, who made a case for reversing course from the global march to socialism.

It is well past time that the free world pushed back against the self-righteously arrogant globalists who make up the World Economic Forum. At its simplest explanation, the Forum is nothing but an invitation-only gathering of snobbish narcissists who believe because they made a better widget and got rich off of it that somehow they have the intellectual capacity to rule the world by whim.

Of course, both Roberts and Milei will undoubtedly pay a price for the truths they extolled in Davos. The Forum’s führer, Klaus Schwab (why do we listen to German totalitarians about their visions for the future), simply can’t allow non-conformity in the quest for the elite to rule the world.

Just as history will see Milei as a champion of freedom, classical liberalism, and individualism, so too will those who voice the truth about the benefits of individualism – like Roberts at the Heritage – and the dangers of centralized and Marxist-based government as global patriots and defenders of inalienable rights and equality for all.

To that end, we – those who understand the benefits of the free market and the dangers of totalitarianism in all its forms – must be vocal. We must talk about it; and teach. We must start respectfully and tactfully talking politics with our neighbors. If we don’t because we are too worried about what they will think, the next generations won’t have the freedom to worry about such things.

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