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But The Media Chooses To Cover…

But The Media Chooses To Cover…

Before we get to this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I wanted to touch on the subject of media delinquency.

Right now, the biggest story for the mainstream news media is George Santos and the fact that he's a liar and never should have been elected to Congress (another product of New York politics that New Yorkers should be ashamed of) when there are two stories out there that need to be exposed.

The first is the Biden scandal – which is a scandal. It makes Watergate look like nothing. This is grafting for influence. This is “payola” if you remember the 70s; pay to play.

The Bidens have been caught – red-handed – doing it but nothing will come of it because we have a corrupt DoJ and even the Republicans understand that if we impeach this idiot – this criminal idiot – then we have Kamala Harris, which is equal a disaster to what Biden was.

You can watch for Democrats to begin to throw him under the bus very shortly and start to talk up Gavin Newsom…God help us.

But a bigger story not being covered (and I have to give kudos to Reuters for this, which is an anomaly because Reuters has been caught fabricating things in the past) is that Secretary of State Blinken and the US State Department not only slow-walked information about the Chinese spy balloon flying over the United States and gathering information in real-time about our military bases, but they also placated so as to not “offend” the Communist Chinese.

They rolled back sanctions against Huawei, the spying component of the Communist Chinese technical world, and they also rolled back sanctions against human rights violations and I'm talking about the enslavement of the Uyghurs.

With all the talk of reparations for slavery – slavery that ended in 1865, beginning the struggle of the Civil Rights Movement but slavery ended in 1865 in the United States (by the way the only country ever to go to war to eradicate it and a leader in eradicating slavery around the world by that action) – with all the talk of reparations from the radical Left, the racist Left, the fascist Left, why aren't they up in arms about the existing slavery that's happening in China and in Afghanistan and in Asia?

It exists today in South America in all of these regions. Where are they to scream that it must be abolished; eradicated? It's happening in real-time yet they're nowhere. They're more worried about a cross-dressing guy having the right to be on a beer can that’s not for sale…who's probably wearing clothes that were manufactured in China by slaves.

We have our priorities unbelievably backward in this country.

As China and Russia make totalitarian moves around the world to extend their influence, to destroy the free market, to destroy freedom, to eradicate free speech, we're worried about transgender rights which literally, from all the studies, encompasses less than 1 percent of the population.

There's slavery in the world but let's focus on that.

The media is pathetic. We have to have a revolution that ends the dominance of the network news media once and for all. And I think that's coming. Pay attention to what's coming down the pike here at Underground USA. There's going to be some exciting news coming in the future.

Then, this morning’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce …

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