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Biden’s COVID ‘Scamdempic’ 2.0

Biden’s COVID ‘Scamdempic’ 2.0

Before we get into Monday’s segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce I wanted to elaborate a little bit about something we talked about – or I guess I ranted about – in this segment and that is the attempt by the politically manipulative to move us back to masks and “Hey, let's take another variation of a booster!”

You need to think for yourself and that means taking some time to read the studies that have come out since the “pandemic.” There is an abundance of studies that prove, beyond any doubt – and Fauci has actually come out and said this on a number of occasions, most recently I believe a couple of Sundays ago, that masks do nothing but elevate your CO2 level when we're talking about viruses like COVID.

The virus is smaller than the apertures in the masks and that means it goes freely through that membrane. So, all you're doing is inhaling recycled breath which has more CO2…which is bad for you.

As far as the vaccines are concerned, unless you've been living under a rock you understand that they really don't do anything! Young men are contracting myocarditis, young women who are pregnant are passing this mRNA to their fetuses. This is not good.

This is what happens when BigPharma rushes something through the developmental process. It's ridiculous that they're even thinking about trying to force this canard onto the American people – again – in order to politically manipulate us.

It has to stop!

I will not comply! You should not comply. No one should comply with a CDC mandate that they don't even have the authority to issue. The CDC is not the overlord of all things medicine. Neither is the AMA, by the way. They can advise but they can't order anyone to do anything

Neither can the Executive Branch of our federal government. They've been acting unilaterally for quite some time now – and this goes back several presidencies, not just Joe Biden's. The federal government is wildly out of control.

That's one of the reasons I wrote the book Nullification. It's on Amazon. Please, pick up a paperback copy, read it, and then send that paperback copy on to someone in your state who you believe has fidelity to the US Constitution. It is the answer to a totalitarian neo-fascist federal government that is slowly but surely whittling away your rights because, well, they just can… no they can't!

So, burn the masks! Sue the people who say you have to wear a mask! Enough is enough!

It's time to dig in the heels and say, “No more!” We're not going to crush another economy just because some senile old jackass, who currently occupies the White House, wants another shot at destroying our country!

Then, Monday's Labor Day edition of The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce …

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